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Kettlebell Training in Fort Lauderdale

Kettlebell exercises work the entire body and strengthen joints, tendons, and connective tissues. Instead of isolating muscles with exercise machines that frequently lead to injuries and fail to provide significant practical strength gains, Kettlebells will help you become strong, fast, mobile and develop unsurpassed endurance!13109673_s

Classes and individual work are designed for all fitness levels – from the beginner to the elite athlete.  The only difference is that people of different levels pick up different weights.  Our environment is non-threatening and the members are welcoming of new people.  We are here to help you feel comfortable, confident, and reach your goals with a minimal time investment.

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Please visit for more information on individual training and classes.  Usually, we have morning and evening classes based on demand. The classes are small to provide lots of individual instruction.

Kettlebell Training in Fort Lauderdale